about measure sst

Vote YES on SST to keep Torrance SAFE AND STRONG!

  • Rapid 9-1-1 emergency response times

  • Safe neighborhoods

  • Strong quality of life

  • Strict fiscal accountability


Voting Yes on SST to provide locally-controlled funding for local needs that cannot be taken away by LA County or the State. Strict accountability requirements such as public disclosure of all spending and independent audits ensure funds are used properly and every penny stays here in Torrance.


Vote YES on SST to:

  • Maintain fire, paramedic, public safety officers, and rapid 9-1-1 emergency response

  • Address homelessness

  • Maintain school crossing guards and school resource officers that keep students safe

  • Repair streets and potholes

  • Prevent thefts and property crimes

  • Strengthen the security of the City’s computer network to protect residents’ personal information from Cyber attacks

  • Keep parks and public areas safe and clean

  • Keep local libraries open

  • Protect the City’s financial stability

  • Rebuild emergency reserves for disasters and emergencies


Mandatory Taxpayer Protections

  • All funds must stay local to support Torrance city services

  • LA County and the State cannot touch Measure SST funds

  • Public disclosure of spending is required

  • Mandatory annual audits and independent citizens’ oversight

  • Essentials like groceries and prescription medicine are exempt from the cost

  • Out-of-town shoppers and visitors pay approximately 30% of the cost


Join Torrance’s public safety leaders, businesses leaders, elected leaders, longtime residents, and neighborhood leaders and vote Yes on SST to keep Torrance SAFE and STRONG!