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Donna Baranowski
Donna Baranowski

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Tom Brewer
Tom Brewer

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Michelle Masak
Michelle Masak

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Donna Baranowski
Donna Baranowski

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Public Safety Organizations and Officials

Torrance Firefighters Association

Torrance Police Officer’s Association

Torrance Police Commanders Association 

Martin Serna, Torrance Fire Chief*

Jay Hart, Torrance Police Chief*

William Racowschi, Former Torrance Fire Chief*

John Neu, Former Torrance Police Chief*

Ryan M. Mendivil, President of Torrance Firefighters Association*

Scott Turrentine, President of Torrance Police Officers Association*

Michael Guell, Police Sargent*


Education and Children’s Advocacy Leaders

Torrance Council of PTAs

Torrance Student Support Staff - CA School Employees Association.

Dr. Jeremy Gerson, Vice President, TUSD Board of Education*

Dr. Anil S. Muhammed, Member, TUSD Board of Education*

Robin Taub Comer, Torrance Education Foundation Board Member*

Martha Deutsch, Former TUSD Board Member and Torrance Education Foundation President*

Maureen O'Donnell, Retired teacher, former TUSD Board Member and former City Councilmember*

Terry L. Ragins, Former President, TUSD Board of Education*

Dave Sargent, Former TUSD Board Member and Former Traffic Commissioner*

Jonah Hirata, Torrance Youth Council*

Street Racing Kills


Local Officials

Patrick Furey, Mayor of Torrance*

Heidi Ann Ashcraft, City Councilmember, Former TUSD School Board Member*

Sharon Kalani, City Councilmember*

Jack Walser, City Councilmember, Chamber of Commerce Ambassador*

Janice Hahn, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors*

Frank Scotto, Former Torrance Mayor*

Dan Walker, Former Torrance Mayor*

Tom Brewer, Former Torrance City Councilmember*

Jack Messerlian, Former City Councilmember*

Paul Nowatka, Former City Councilmember, Retired TPD Lieutenant*

Geoff Rizzo, Former City Councilmember, Retired TPD Lieutenant*

Linda Barnett, Former Torrance City Treasurer*

Sue Herbers, Former Torrance City Clerk*

Terry Furey, TUSD Personnel Commissioner*

Aram Chaparyan, Torrance City Manager*

Sheila Poisson, Torrance Finance Director*

LeRoy J. Jackson, Former City Manager*

Bill Reynolds, Vice-Chair of Torrance Social Services Commission*

Rob Katherman, Director, Water Replenishment District*

Cinda Herring, Torrance Civil Service Commissioner*

Bob Habel, Torrance Traffic Commissioner*

Marianne Hamada, Torrance Civil Service Commissioner*

Bridgett Lewis, Torrance Civil Service Commissioner*

Elizabeth Pino, Torrance Planning Commissioner*

Camilla Seferian, Torrance Environmental Quality and Energy Conservation Commissioner*

John Jones, Former Community Services Director*

Toni Sargent, Former Library Commission Chair*

Torrance Professional and Supervisory Association


Business and Community Leaders

Kirk Rossberg, Former Chair of Torrance Chamber*

Jimmy Gow, President, Torrance Democratic Club*

Lili Trujillo Puckett, Exec. Dir., Street Racing Kills*

Arun Bhumitra, C.E.O, Lifewireless, Inc.*

Cristian and Gabby Fischer, Small Business Owners*

Rick’s Lube Complete Autocare

Christian de la Haza, Local Realtor*

Christopher Hunter, General Manager, DCH Toyota of Torrance*



Community Members

Donna Baranowski

James K. Berger

Kassidy Blevins, Student

Robert Blevins

Adam Brown

Benjamin Burch

Kevin Fischer, High School Student

Judith Gerber

Brandon Gonzaque

Jimmy Gow

Enny Graham

Debbie Hays

Mary Hoffman

Jason Jo

Paul Kranke

Jeanne-Marie Litvin

Johnathan Masi

Sandi Monda

Anne Neuwirth

Helen Nowatka

Lila Omura

Jill Reed

Donna Rizzo

Steve Robinson

Kimberly Strauss

Diane Strickfaden

Kristie Wand

Suzie Wand

Steve Wojtak

Andrei Yermakov



*Titles for identification purposes only

Children Arriving at School